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Completely Necessary 700-Day Streak Post

Because every hundred days I just have to create a post that amazes myself that I have had the responsibility to do Duolingo every day...

Anyway, I reached 700 days yesterday! Here's hoping I make it to 1000!

July 2, 2017



Congratulations! The same here, by the way...


Please,tell you where you find and how to insert such nice animations?


Hey! That's awesome!


Congratulations rockerbooooox0!!! :D

Have you had any new language learning revelations between 600 and 700?


Thank you!

Hmm... that a bit of Spanish makes a great addition to a story written in English, because a lot of English speakers know a few basic words of Spanish,

and that Japanese Kanji is confusing and while written in the same form as Chinese, isn't SAID the same way as Chinese. I never knew that until I was doing a bit of research a few weeks ago.

And that in comparison to a lot of other languages, Spanish is downright easy to learn!


Congratulations! I'm looking to finally get to 30 :D


You can do it!


you're well on your way! :-) nice going!


Thank you!


woo-hoo for you! :)


Thank you!


Congrats! Consistency is essential when learning a new language!

What other sites did you begin to use in addition to DuoLingo in order to take your language of choice to a higher level? I want to continue with DuoLingo to keep the basics fresh but I also want to increase my ability to C1 or C2.

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I've found that finding a local language community to talk with really helps, and if one doesn't exist, there usually will be some online radio/tv/youtube channel out there that can help.

Getting to C1 or C2 then just takes a lot of effort before people start giving you the greatest compliment of all on your language abilities, by staying silent. That's when they just assume you're a native.

So far I've only managed to reach near native level in English, and that took me about 8 years of learning, starting at the age of 10, watching a lot of UK produced content online and having people there willing to correct every pronunciation mistake I happened to be making.

The only way I can imagine keeping up all that hard work, is by making sure it's fun. Go have some fun with the language, and keep having fun in that language, and eventually you'll get there.


I've used Memrise a lot. In some ways, I actually like Memrise more than Duo. For example, Memrise uses tricks to help a person keep a new word fresh and easy to think of, and uses a lot of repetition. Plus, for most languages, there are a lot of courses for each language that you could try. Hope this helps!

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