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What labs would you like to see in the future?

I just read one of the Duolingo stories and it is quite a fun way for more advanced learners to practice. I would like to suggest labs for beginners and in different styles, though. For beginners perhaps a conjugation game would be helpful, as well as spelling games for languages that use another writing system. I also would like to see crosswords and poetry (not sure if poetry can count towards stories...).

What labs would you like to see in the future? Hopefully we can get some points off of them as well at eventually.

July 2, 2017



I'd definitely love a conjugation game, like it gives you the subject and an infinitive and you conjugate, and if you get one wrong you lose a life, but you can earn lives back by getting x number in a row.

I posted a game of scatttergories for target languages yesterday, I think maybe something similar could be a weekly thing. For example, the list is really long and is on labs and everyone can submit their answers but cant see others. At the end of the week, the person who has the most answers to the list wins.


Greek mythology for stories would be great for Greek learners


Ooh, I'd like that.

Maybe we can also have Norse myth for the Scandinavian languages and Japanese folklore in the future.


Would it be strange for a German learner like myself to want some Norse mythology for stories (in German)? It could be fun alongside the stories collected by the Grimm brothers.


From my comment in the Duolingo Labs thread:

This may be a great opportunity to test out something like Book Clubs! Once the activity stream replacement and forum improvements have been implemented, I think it would be a great idea to make something like Duolingo Book Clubs in the Labs section. Here's how I envision it working:

As per usual it's organised by language. It's a forum structure that allows users to create discussions specifically for discussing books or parts of books in their target language. I also think it would be a good idea to have "master" threads for each book to keep clutter down. Now here's where it gets interesting. We can have course contributors pick out monthly a book for students to read and discuss about (maybe even create a 'schedule' of sorts so people discuss the book at a certain pace and others don't get spoiled; of course they can still read ahead. Maybe they should be able to make smaller threads specifically for discussing parts of the book that haven't been reached on the schedule. They should include a [Spoiler] tag in the title and also the chapter(s) being discussed).

Oh, and in these forums you'll only "be allowed" (since I don't think enforcing this would be a good idea, it's just a heavy suggestion) to discuss using your target language.

Perhaps make it so that if someone wants to suggest a book to read so it gets its own thread, they have to submit a request to do so instead of just being able to make a book thread from the get go. There should be guidelines for the kinds of books recommended I guess, but not too strict of course.

I think this would be a great learning tool for intermediate to advanced learners since one of the most common things we do once we've finished a tree here is to begin reading and listening to things in our target language. It would be amazing to undertake such a task with the many others that have elected to learn the same language(s) as you. I just think there's no good way to implement this right now and it needs its own section of the site to keep things nicely organised.


same as you I would like more beginner labs. Maybe levels like beginner, intermediate, expert.


I'm looking forward to seeing something for us learners of French.


What labs would you like to see in the future

English ! For the millions of Duolingo students, whose native language is not English.


"Labs" is just the place where you find "stories" but it's to Duolingo Stories that you are asking to add English, I suppose she/he asked about what new features beyond Stories we would like to see


I would love Esperanto stories


Poetry, and cultural facts about the language they are studying about! Preferably Russian, Finnish, Estonian, and German :)


First I'd like to see stories become a regular part of Duolingo and have different levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and spread to different languages like Italian, French and Swahili.
But a conjugation game sound like a great idea.


An American Sign Language mini course. (pre-cursor to a full ASL course.) :D


Polish stories would be amazing, especially if they involved some rich history or something!

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