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"Vois ce problème comme une chance !"

Translation:Look at this problem as an opportunity!

July 2, 2017


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"See this problem as a chance" is not correct?

July 19, 2018


Yup, I'm not sure why either :/ I feel like it should be accepted.


Does this mean to look at this problem like it is an opportunity?


Why is "problem" in place of "issue" wrong?


If "opportunity" works in English in this context, then "chance" does too - they mean the same thing in this context. For example: "You have an opportunity to prove yourself" and "You have a chance to prove yourself" mean the same thing. And so do "Look at this problem as an opportunity [to improve your skills, to learn something new, etc.]" and "Look at this problem as an chance [to improve your skills, to learn something new, etc.]" The American Heritage, Collins and Random House dictionaries all define "opportunity" as "chance." There are some situations where one can be used but not the other, or where they have different meanings, but this is not one of them. Both "opportunity" and "chance" mean the same thing here (in English) and both should be accepted.


Vois, to see Regardez, to look at

Slightly different non?

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True, but in French, this is how voir is used. So it is not always absolutely literal.


Doesn't "chance" usually mean "luck" as opposed to "opportunité" or "occasion"?

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Many words in French and in English have different meanings. Sometimes they can be quite different. A dictionary can help acquaint you with other reasonable uses.


Good advice. I looked up "chance" in the Collins French English Dictionary. Here is what it says, complete with example sentences, for the definition of "chance" that applies to the sentence at issue here: " chance...(= occasion de réussir) donner sa chance à qn to give sb a chance la chance de sa vie the chance of a lifetime la dernière chance de qn sb’s last chance Rends-toi, Joe, c’est ta dernière chance ! Give yourself up Joe, it’s your last chance! de la dernière chance [conférence, négociations, réunion, épreuve, opération, manifestation] last-ditch tenter l’opération de la dernière chance to make a last-ditch attempt" Given what the dictionary says, why does Duo continue to insist that "opportunity" is a translation for "chance," but that "chance" is not a translation for "chance"? The dictionary quite clearly says Duo is wrong. If Duo is going to insist on picking nits, it should at least pick nits that actually exist.


See the problem as an opportunity A miss ? Oops! It should be this not the


why can't chance also translate as chance?


Yes. For all of you here to complain, see this as a chance. You know your answer was right so it's okay hahaa


I put see this problem and was wrong!


"Look at the problem as an opportunity" denied. Okay.. technically right.. However... pointless in terms of teaching the imperative...


ce = this, that's why.

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