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90 Day Challenge Week 4 Updates

Hello everyone!

I reached a month in my Polish language journey! This is how much I learned so far with only using the Duolingo course plus the tips and notes section: https://youtu.be/Ki0KyrST9t4

I would recommend not wearing headphones as I am still having issues with editing that I need to sort out.

For those of you also doing the challenge, what have you learned this week? Do you find that you're able to form your own sentences using the vocabulary that the Duolingo course gives you?

July 3, 2017



I've been doing the challenge for a while now ,and all the updates have been very clear and readable,they're going to help soon


Hi :) I've done Hungarian lessons about Time (and I found out that some names are similar to Polish), Numbers and more about present tense. I still think Hungarian is the most difficult language I've ever learnt so my learning goes slow. But I don't give up :) And I wish the same for you :)

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