I need to talk with somebody in English

I want to practice with someone, because I sometimes feel that I don´t know English enough. So if someone wants to help me, please let me know.

July 3, 2017

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Hi, how are you? Where are you from? I'm from Puerto Rico. I want to practice English too.

July 3, 2017

hi, fine and you? I´m from Venezuela.

We can practice if you want, how can I contact you?


hello, my name is Emily, I can practice English with you. What is your native language?

hey, my native language is spanish, I´m from venezuela.

I'll be happy to help you.

hello how are u?

hi, fine and you??


hello i do not know how i can talk with someone but i woud like also

i have the same wish

hello . i also would like to speek with someone in english to practice , if you want we can

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