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"Ognuna ha la propria personalità."

Translation:Each one has her own personality.

March 6, 2013



"Everybody has its own personality" shouldn't this also be correct ?


No, because in English "everybody" would refer only to people, and you wouldn't call a person "it".


They probably want to state that EACH = OGNI and EVERY = TUTTI.

There is a slightly different nuance in English as well, isn't it? :)

In case you think it is a mistake, please report it.


What would that mean?


I offered Each has his own personality which was wrong. I am not sure why.


"his" is wrong here because it fails to faithfully transmit meaning from the Italian. The use of "ognuna" means that the "Each one" s referred to are all female - as if the Italian sentence had been used to describe the members of the girls gymnastics team.


Makes sense. Though even wordreference.com fails to provide the feminime version for ognuno... http://www.wordreference.com/iten/ognuna


Maybe its doesnt signify feminine, although neither did my reply of their


That is absolutely correct grammatically. Unfortunately spoken English often uses their which is plural whereas each is singular. Duo is incorrect.


I put "their" own personality and it was accepted


Each one has its own personality is correct and I'm surprised it's still not taken


How do you know it is her and not his?


Since lo and la can also mean 'it'. is it incorrect to translate the sentences as '...has its own personality'?


Each has his own personality - why does it have to be each one?


I wrote: Ognuna l'ha propria personalita' - why not accepted?


The la comes before propria


In current English one would say "Everyone has his or her own personality." The personal pronoun in English should not be governed by the noun's (personalita) gender in Italian; feminine.


Yes that's right. We also use 'their' in such contexts. Could not risk that one however. Get weeping owl.


Although "their" is used, it is technically incorrect as "everyone" is technically singular ("one"). I know I am a pedant but that is what I was taught at school!

Of course, English has evolved slightly over the last 60 years!


Of course 'their' would be right but you would expect to be marked wrong!


We are translating FROM Italian - where it is possible to say "Each one (feminine)" or "Each one (mixed gender)". The gender for 'her' in the translation comes from 'Ognuna', not from 'personalita'. Putting "his or her" or "their" personality in the translation loses the fact that the Italian speaker is talking ONLY about females. The sentence "OgnunO ha la sua propria personalita" would be translated as bill, peter, and david indicate. The owl is right... this time.

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