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Rethink Strengthen Skills feature?

Strengthen Skills currently brings you back to each lesson individually, which is super boring when you're on lesson 23 and you're being fed 20 basic questions from lesson 1 repeatedly...

Could an alternative approach be to stengthen skills for a whole group of lessons instead, assembling random questions from any lessons in that group?

July 3, 2017



The suggestion has been that if your tree is all gold then it chooses words to structure a lesson around from the whole course tree.

I have no evidence of that, although it used to act that way - choosing words from all over the course tree - whether your tree was gold or not. What I experience is that it generally picks words from the first non-gold skill for me to strengthen. As I consider that sub-optimal, I hardly ever use it.

My advice is that if the strengthen skills button on the main page is giving you strengthen lessons which are too easy for you, either go into the individual skills which will be of more use for you to strengthen and use the strengthen button there, or do a new lesson.

I am very much against the current algorithm the main page strengthen skills uses. But Duolingo does tests (lots of them), so I have to presume they have data and analyses which back it up.


Exactly they should but everything together so that when you strengthen your skills you strengthen them all at once and at the same time, increasing your fluency level physically!


You can strengthen individual skills of course, which is the other end of the scale. Why would you want a half way point as well?

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