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  5. "A comunidade fala inglês."

"A comunidade fala inglês."

Translation:The community speaks English.

March 24, 2014



Also, we would say 'the community speak English' and not necessarily use 'speaks'. My version is always marked as incorrect.


That is incorrect English. "Community" is singular, even though it consists of a group of people. Therefore, "the community speaks" and "the communities speak" are correct, but "the community speak" and "the communities speaks" are incorrect.


I would have thought the plural of fala would be used?? Since its a group of people


But the group of people is not in the plural form. If it were «as comunidades», then it would have been «falam»; however, it is in the singular «a comunidade».


"The community" is a single entity.


Although English accepts the plural conjugation for collective nouns (some places more than others), Portuguese is clear about that:

  • The collective noun is a singular noun, thus the verb uses the singular conjugation.


I wrote "An English speaking community." I understand that this is not the literal translation, but could it also be considered as correct?

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