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give english-french learners access to the french-english site

There are brilliant french speakers who assist me learning French in the discussion boards. I want to do the same for French speakers learning English. It would also help me practice my French. Yet Duolingo makes it difficult to go between the English-another language sites and the other language-English sites. You have to logout and log in with another username I think, unless I'm missing something.

March 6, 2013



I'm afraid that Duolingo has not yet reversed their program for anyone to learn English.


We don't have French ---> learning English right now. I love to hear that you're interested in helping others though. Check out the 'troubleshooting' discussion threads or any of the threads in the general discussion.


Thanks for your replies! There is english learning for Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, but no 'english' option among the languages to choose from in the upper left of the screen. When English for French is introduced I hope this functionality is can be improved.


Yea, right now you'd have to go into 'settings' and change the language direction.

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