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  5. "Who pushes the button?"

"Who pushes the button?"


July 3, 2017



why can't I say "botan wo dare ga.."? why only "dare ga botan wo..?"


The usual sentence construction puts the object right before the verb.


Same problem here


This is the second time I've hastily mistaken タバコ for ボタン。just because I'm a lazy reader, mostly. But it's pretty tricky, if not rude, of Duo to put two new, same sized katakana words always together in every translation that uses cards. (I don't really blame you, you big lovable bird. Just poking some fun at you)


Hahaha, i always do the same, but as a matter of fact, it's actually good, as it forces us to trully read the words

[deactivated user]

    Why use ga instead of wa here?


    It is always dare ga, never dare wa. They are interchangeable except for certain cases where wa cannot be used


    To add to this, I'm pretty sure the underlying rule here is that interrogatives can't be topicalised in Japanese (which kind of makes sence, since the topic is just what the people involved in the conversation are talking about, and I really can't think of what it would mean to be talking about "who" or any other interrogative).


    "誰がボタンをおしますか?" should be accepted as well.

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