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Question about Words Tab

I looked and looked for a current discussion regarding this topic, but they were ALL 2-3 years old. So I started a new one. Sorry if I missed the current one.

Here's the question: Are the creators/programmers thinking about doing away with the vocab/words list? I'm not trying to cause a panic or stir up anything, I really am wondering.

I like Tiny Cards just fine, but the words list tab provides info that Tiny Cards doesn't. The verbs are conjugated (thank you); other words such as 'hoch' provide all the different renditions of it (thank you !!!) and it helps me see the difference right there on one page (well, pop up page;) the sentences for whatever word I select are also quite helpful; and of course hovering over the word gives the definitions.

I would like for us to be able to keep the list even if we do have to go elsewhere to do the flashcards - this applies to all the languages on this site not just the German words list (I had to pick one topic so...) Any chance this can be passed on to someone high enough up the chain that they can consider this?

It's just my opinion, but the Words List Tab is quite useful (at least for me.)



July 3, 2017



They wouldn't throw away something they obviously worked so hard to build, not to mention its usefullness. The next phase of improvement would be grouping the words I would say. It would be nice having verbs, nouns and adjectives grouped together, arranged so that the words you make mistakes about are displayed more prominently.


They wouldn't throw away something they obviously worked so hard to build

Immersion? Activity tab? Profile streams? Etc

I am not saying that Words is going, just that it is never too late for them to decde to cut their losses on a feature, and abandon it.

Also, regarding your other point: you can sort the table by the Part of speech column - just click the column header.


All of those except immersion seems underwhelming to me. And you can always find stuff to read. My understanding is that people have been doing immersion after finishing their tree before. I started reading comic books after I finished my dutch tree, and am planning on reading comic books after I finish the german one. It's not a big loss.


Your reasoning before was suffering from the 'sunk cost fallacy'. I was showing you that Duolingo do not suffer from this, as they have dropped much larger areas of functionality than Words.

Regarding them keeping functionality during the rewrite: they will determine how useful something is from the usage data. If they consider Words useful enough (and do not intend to replace it with something else) then they just have to ask themselves: does the usefulness make it worth rewriting in the new web site technologies (Scala, React, etc...). If so, it will be part of the rewrite. If not, goodbye Words.


i'm one of those who really miss the practice i got from the words tab. please bring it back!


I am not suffering from sunk cost fallacy, I am just telling you that people's decisions are controlled by it. And words tab is probably the tab that cost the most time to construct, no matter the size.

Anyway, stop bothering about it. If duolingo goes to shit, there are plenty of fish(apps) in the sea.

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