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"Answer either the first question or the second"

Translation:Jibu ama swali la kwanza au la pili

July 3, 2017



Jibu swali la kwanza ama la pili is semantically correct as opposed to jibu ama swali la kwanza au la pili. Am I wrong?


I think both are correct


I've seen "ama ... ama ..", "ama ... au", and "au ... au". But there wouldn't be anything wrong or hard to understand in just saying: "Jibu swali la kwanza au la pili."

Edit 11/2020: I remembered another variation I have seen. This is a questionable use of the Swahili word "aidha", but I have definitely seen sentences like "Jibu aidha swali la kwanza au la pili." I personally would not use this construction, because while "aidha" is a perfectly good Swahili word, I don't think is primary meaning is "either." Rather, it means furthermore/moreover/besides ...


I can't say completely for sure, but with what I know I agree. Reported 10/6/17


The 'ama' is not necessary at all.


Why is the inclusion of swali not acceptable????


"Jibu swali la kwanza ama la pili" and "Jibu swali la kwanza au la pili" sound correct to me.

Someone please explain why we need "ama" before "swali"

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