"a ajuta"

Translation:to help

July 3, 2017



Eu ajut - I help

Tu ajuți - You help

El/Ea ajută - He/She helps

Noi ajutăm - We help

Voi ajutați - You help

Ei/Ele ajută - They help


Să ajut Să ajuți Să ajute

Să ajutăm Să ajutați Să ajute


Is "să" what I think it is? Like the "On" in French as "On boit" or "Se" as "Se bebe" in Spanish and Portuguese (three of which are another way to say "we drink")?


We would translate "on" as "lumea" (people) and use a verb and an adjective in singular feminine.

We do say "se bea [mult la petreceri]" (se bebe [mucho en las fiestas]), but "să" is different.

"Să" is the particle for the subjunctive. In French that would be "que".


I believe that să is most like "that" in cases of introducing a subjunctive (like I want that you tell me). The verb form after să is subjunctive. Romanian appears to use the subjunctive in place of the infinitive a lot, which makes it difficult.

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