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No Microphone. No flash cards.

I stopped working with Duolingo for about two months. Now that I'm back, it never records my voice to check pronunciation and there are no longer flash cards in the words section. I've checked all my settings and they seem to be right. Does anyone know why I'm not getting all that Duolingo has to offer?

July 3, 2017



They have updated the website. The flashcards are now on TinyCards which can be found at https://tinycards.duolingo.com (or there are apps available).

Duolingo has also changed the way that speech is handled although not every browser supports the new API. Internet Explorer and Safari browsers don't currently support it but Chrome and some other browsers do. I would try Chrome personally as it is pretty stable.


Thank you! It really helps to know that.


I'm not sure. I'm new too, but I've heard that they've made some changes these last few months. I really don't know for sure, though.


I hope this hasn't been duplicated elsewhere...

Hi all!

I have eight classes set up currently, and know how to go into them each individually and monitor activity.

Is there a way to see all eight classes in one place, to see activity between all of them without going into each individually?



Yes, there is! When you go to classroom, click on a student and then to the right by activity log, it says manage student. Click on that and the rest should be simple.


I looked but i didn't seen any activity log


Ok...so click on a student of your choice. (the one you want to move in classrooms) and then some things should come up on how they're doing and how many classes they've finished etc. So, click on the student again and it should say what assignments you've given them and if they've finished them or not. In gray in the corner of the big white square that all of this info is in, should be manage student. If you still can't find it I'll find another way to help. I hope you find it though! Let me know what happens, please!!


Now i found it, and i think you're very helpful Please follow me

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