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Please add "words" tab to welsh

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I'm studying Welsh, French, and German and I'd love to see the "words" tab in the French and German courses added to Welsh. I've found it very useful to review words I haven't used recently and to get more information on them. For Cymraeg, it would also be great to add a column in words for dialect.

Diolch! Merci Beaucoup! Danke!

1 year ago


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This decision is not down to the course contributors, but to Duolingo itself and they have chosen not to role it out to any of the out-of-house courses. I did hear there was a hack which could make it appear for people but I wouldn't be supprised if that was patched in Duolingo's recent set of updates.

1 year ago


I tried that hack a few months ago and it worked, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. They must have "fixed" it. You had to start the French tree (if you haven't already) and then keeping that open you opened another window tab and go to duolingo.com and switch to whatever language you have and the word tab was magically there, but you had to do it every time you wanted to see the tab. Maybe the duolingo people really will make it available for more languages, it was pretty neat.

1 year ago