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Watch the latest LangFocus video on Japanese!

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It's a handy introduction for beginners which gives a basic framework to get started with the language.

Video here.

July 3, 2017



I think "handy" is a massive understatement! That information packed video is probably the best 24 minutes I've seen for an intro to the Japanese language!

I just wish it was made a few years earlier, as I've already spent a lot of time slowly and gradually discovering and reading up on everything he mentioned.

One thing I wonder, though, is whether absolute beginners to the language will be able to understand and take in all the info given? Whether they'd realise how useful to know all the stuff talked about is, or whether it'd just feel like too much complex information to take in all at once and stop watching partway into the video.

It's very nice to watch now, since I now already know all about words like moras, inflections, agglutinative, causative, Meiji era,... But I'm not sure if I'd have taken in much if I'd watched this back when I started Japanese. Sad to think I wouldn't've appreciated it anywhere near the amount I do now, back when I would have actually benefitted from hearing the stuff in this video... ^^;

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As a complete beginner, I feel like the amount of info presented is a bit overwhelming, but still I got a good idea of the language out of it, and that's more than enough for the level I'm at. I'm confident that a second view of the video will be useful to clear out some doubts I'll have once I reach more advanced topics.


I'm also a beginner, and it was very overwhelming. However, it explained so much, and I feel like I will definitely be re-watching it as I get farther into the language. Learning something so complex takes time, but the video cleared up a lot of my confusion (SOV order mystery has been solved!) and brought forth problems I may run into in the future (i.e. more particles). Honestly, such a great resource.


Thanks for the link... however, I ended up spending an hour (or maybe more) watching his vids instead of doing my duolingo! It's truly that interesting.

Thanks again for the link! ~frankiebluej


That channel is great.

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