"Prăjiturile bune au fructe."

Translation:The good cakes have fruit.

July 3, 2017

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Though fruit can be pluralized to fruits, it is better in this instance to use 'fruit' as the plural


Cakes & cookies are completely different things in english.


Yes but can they both be translated by the same Romanian word?

It turns out that Wiktionary already says "prăjitură" has a broad meaning which covers pastries, cookies, and cakes in English. But there's also the word "fursec" borrowed from French which only covers cookies, and "biscuit" borrowed from British English. In British English "biscuit" covers both American words "cookie" and "cracker". But American biscuits are more like English scones.


Technically "prăjitură" is a single-serving sized "tort". Both translate as "cake" in English. But the culinary art is complex and there is no straight correspondence between languages. Cookies would probably translate as "prăjiturele" or "fursecuri".

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