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I am New to Greek

I need some help with my Greek. I know little , but still need some help, Thank you.

July 3, 2017



εισαι εξηπνος = you are clever


A mistake, έξυπνος


Welcome and we're here to help. First here is a link to a variety of things you may need. From hints on the use of Duo in general, to how to get the Greek keyboard, the Greek alphabet and much more. It's to be bookmarked and referred to as you need. We are here if you have any questions.



Jaye, the link https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23095423 is dead now. :( And it is important as you know.


I don't understand. It opens for me.


Hi Stergi3, here is an updated link that jaye posted yesterday https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23430853 ^_^


As soon as you install the Greek keyboard you will notice that there are many letters the same and in the same position as in English. To see how it is a Greek keyboard Google translation had developed a Greek one already that can help to familiarize yourself with.

An issue is the accent: The accent can be put pressing the ; key first, nothing happens, but when you press a vowel, it will be accented. No accents to consonants.

Another issue is dialytics (umlaut), used for two-letters complexes in order not to pronounce them as one voice, i.e. αϊ is [a][i] and not [e] as it is usual. Press Shift and ; together, leave them and then the vowel with dialytics.

And finally it is the accented dialytics i.e. αΐ, as the name Ησαΐας. This ΐ can be written in many ways, depending on the keyboard you have installed, the most usual is right Alt together with ; and then the vowel, but it is very rare to meet with this case*.

*In my Linux keyboard this method does not work though, instead I press Shift and ; for dialytics and then ; for accent. More about Linux keyboards in Greek, here: https://blog.simos.info/how-to-type-greek-greek-polytonic-in-linux/

But there are sticky posts in this board that tell more about Greek keyboards. Thanks to the Greek team!

No, the keyboard is a matter of a little time to get familiarized with. Some languages have keyboards extremely different than the English one and need a lot of time.


Here are some resources to help you get started. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22040507


εγω εχω μια γατα = I have a cat.


Very good! Native speaker here. Please use accents, it is a part of learning Greek. Εγώ is not necessary as it is with "I" in English, έχω shows it already with the suffix -ω, that your are you. Unless you want to emphasize the person.


Εγω ειμαι ενα κοριτση=I am a girl


Very good! Another notice: κορίτσι, not κορίτση, because it is neutral in -ι, (το) κορίτσι. All neutral nouns in -ι are written with the suffix -ι not -η. The suffix -η is used in feminine nouns i.e η λέξη=the word, η τάξη=the class, the order, *Do you remember εντάξει=in order=Ok (it is an Ancient Greek dative) ?


Hi @greecer,

Please read this message in full, so your account does not get blocked. It looks like a moderator has not been able to contact you by email. So, as a last resort I'm contacting you here. The Duolingo forums are a bit more complicated to navigate that people first assume, so, it can take some time to learn how to use them properly.

Creating a lot of individual comments is considered spam, because it makes a lot of clutter. So, please don't do that in the future. Here is a great guide for beginners about how to navigate the Duolingo community, called Duolingo FAQ & Wiki. The first things on it I recommend new folks read are the Community Guidelines and the Community and Discussions Guide: Avoiding Common Faux Pas.

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Good luck with your studies! :)


I know he/she is a troll. A bit childish behavior. But I will not delete my answers, maybe they are useful to people who try to learn, and try hard!


σπιτι=home συζητηση=discussion ελληνικα=greek

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