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Russian Tools to Help Learning

  1. Master Russian has a guide on the cases of nouns that are all put on one page. The website has other useful things too that are worth looking into. http://masterrussian.com/aa071600a.shtml

  2. The Russian Verb Cogitator gives a lot of useful information about the verbs you learn. http://cooljugator.com/ru

  3. The Russian Keyboard. I have downloaded the Russian keyboard on my computer, but I can't see what I'm typing like I do in English, this is a useful tab to keep open if you want to type quickly and haven't learned the layout of the default Russian keyboard. http://russian.typeit.org/

July 3, 2017



Thanks for the links! I had purchased stickers for my keyboard for the Russian letters but I was surprised just by putting it on my monitor stand for reference how quickly I learned where the keys are.

July 4, 2017


KB Covers has a cover that you place over your keyboard. They have many keyboard styles and the cost is affordable. I simply place it over my keyboard when working on duolingo and it is wonderful.

July 7, 2017
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