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"Are you a middle school student?"


July 3, 2017



Can someone break this down for me? I can't read kanji very well :(


Please tell me, what is mean the phrase 'break down' in here? Do you want to hear about pronunciation? '中学生' is 'ちゅうがくせい'. I think 'ちゅう' is resemble 'Chew' of 'Chewbacca'.


I am glad if you enjoy,(^∇^)


"Break down" in this context means "Can you explain what each kanji character means?"


"Break down" or "Break it down" means break something down to its basic parts. It is usually to explain something, but sometimes to examine something.



Thank you for your explanation! I'm too late saying thank you.


中 chuu/naka - middle 学 gaku - study, learning 生 sei/mae - life

There are apps that help with kanji. I recommend 'Kanji Study'.


+1 for Kanji Study. Worth the money to upgrade, too.


I didn't search it. This is my (wrong) recollection. 中 = Middle / Inside 学 = Character/Learn/writing/whatever. 生 = Life


Shouldnt ''あなたは中学生ですか'' be accepted?


well.. technically it is a correct way to ask a question but remember that japanese tend to rely on context, in would be weird to ask yourself if you are a middle school student so the あなた is implied


I also put あなたは中学生ですか and had it marked wrong.

I find it very frustrating that the Japanese course is much less flexible than the other language courses I am taking in the range of different answers it accepts.

This means that even though I know the answers to all of the questions (I lived in Japan for several years, and am really just doing this course for fun), I find myself using the flashcards rather than just free typing most of the time, because the course is likely to reject many of my answers even though they are actually correct.

I know that the courses can't feasibly be programmed to accept every single possible answer for every single question, but I do find the Japanese course to be particularly limited and inflexible, and it would be great to see some improvements in this area.


every other practice up until now has allowed あなたは and 私は now it does not. weird indeed.


たしかに日本語では主語を省略することは多いですが、この場合は「あなたは」とか「君は」とかつけないのはかえって不自然ではありませんか?わたしだけかな。 省略するとしたら、むしろ「ですか?」のほうかも。「きみ、中学生?」


What does the 生 mean


ah 。。学生 漢字。はい!


I think we need more word like 貴方は.


What does that mean?


貴方 is one of the possible ways to write あなた in kanji. However, it is rarely used nowadays.


would it be wrong to say 中学校の学生です。? and is it possible to say 日本語生です。?


中学校の学生です is a grammatically correct sentence, but it doesn't sound very natural. That would be like saying "a student of a middle school" instead of "a middle school student" - sure, you could say it that way, but why would you?

With 日本語生です, I assume you want to say "I am a Japanese student" (i.e. someone who is studying the Japanese language). You could say 日本語の学生です, but it might be better to just say 日本語を勉強しています ("I am studying Japanese").


I wrote secondary school student and it marked me wrong :( cos thats how we say 中学生 in hong kong haha


In the UK, secondary school often includes both 中学校 and 高校, i.e. we don't divide it into two different schools like they do in Japan. I don't know how it is in Hong Kong, but maybe Duo rejected secondary school in your answer because a 高校生 is also a secondary school student?


Does anyone know how this could be asked in the plain (casual) form?

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