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Native English Speaker looking to help people and wanting to learn čeština!


Hi. That was one of the few words I know in Czech. I'm really looking forward to the Czech course and truly thankful for all the effort put into it! Thank you! I'm also just started spending a bit of time using English for Czech Speakers! On the first two lessons and it looks good so far!

I was wondering if anyone here wanted any help or had any questions about English? I'd be happy to help!

I'm also interested in learning some Czech as well. If anyone knows any resources that'd be really helpful! If you could post some Czech phrases and their translations below that'd be great too!

I already had a look at the resources Neuby has posted about here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/cs/en/status

Namely: http://www.factumcz.cz/K.Tahal-Grammar.pdf http://utkl.ff.cuni.cz/~rosen/public/GGG/Czech_essent_grammar.pdf

If you know anymore that'd be very useful! Czech looks to be a interesting language to learn and I can't wait to start! :D

July 4, 2017

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or try to contact somebody here of level 25+. Give him like and follow him.

:) Sorry for my english, I've just learned it.


Děkuji! :) Your English is very good! I hope my Czech was ok haha.


A slavistics professor from Wisconsin has a really nice collection of resources for English students of Czech as a foreign language. Google the exact phrase "How do Czech verbs conjugate in the present tense". The first hit should go to a pdf on cokdybysme.net. Jump up a level in the URL for many more pdf's.

You can find thousands of translated sentences at tatoeba.org.


Děkuji Neube! I'll take a look at that :)


Also are there any other English speakers here or those that have posted discussions similar to this? Thanks!


Hi Oliver, your offer sounds great! I don't have any question now (actually, except one - how many mistakes are there in my message to you? :D). However, from time to time I come across a phrase or something I am not sure about, so I'll be happy if you answer my question then :). Of course, I'm at your disposal if you have any questions about Czech language :). What Czech phrases are you looking for? If you are searching for some studying materials, try this page http://www.czechstepbystep.cz/en/studenti.html it's a web page connected with a Czech textbook for foreigners. Maybe you'll find something useful there even if you don't have the textbook. Grammar might be less threatening there than in the link you posted here. Regards, Imi

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