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What's the difference?

I'm confused on the difference between schön and wunderschön? They both mean beautiful, so does it matter on how you're using it?

July 4, 2017



Don;t worry about the words. Actually, both mean the same. But what is different is how your feelings are expressed. Listen, If you like something or find something beautiful you can express it as schön.

But if you like something very much, you are amazed about the thing. You have high feelings for it then you can use wunderschön. It is a stronger version. Understand it you will get it. But there is no difference as such when translated to English. Just these words are like beautiful and more beautiful. I hope you get it.


Hi! Check out this link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11347983/Sie-ist-wundersch%C3%B6n It talks about both of those words.


Wunderschön is most beautiful, exquisitely beautiful. The "wunder" ("wonder" or "miracle" in English) is just a kind of comparative or enhancement.

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