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What is the difference between studying German on a computer and on a smartphone? Actually, when I study on a computer I can see my language fluency increases more rapidly than I learn a language on a smartphone. And also, Why don't we get bonus points when practicing on the laptop? I hope you get my point. Do you know the reason?

July 4, 2017



I don't know the reason, but I found that to. I am 20% fluent on my computer, and 9% fluent on my ipad.


The main difference, in my opinion, is that if you use Duolingo in your web browser, is that you get shown the tips and notes for each skill, which explain the grammar.

So many mobile-only users keep flooding the sentence discussions with questions such as "what's the difference between sind and seid" because they have no idea about the explanations that exist.

I wish they'd either open up the lesson notes to mobile users, or close down access to sentence discussions (the way it is on the iOS app).

In my opinion, apps can be useful for revising "old" material, but for learning new material, you should use the website on a computer.


You are right. They should provide notes on the Smartphone. Thanks for your valuable reply.


Yes, they should.

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