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Notification for receiving lingots

Little feature request: We can give people lingots for good, useful, insightful, etc. comments. The recipients, if they're paying particular attention, may realize they have received such lingots (although I suspect such realization is quite rare), but have no way of knowing which comment(s) merited them. It'd be nice if there were a notification shown in the bell, analogous to those for when a comment is replied to, for such happy occurrences.

And, for whomever it was that just gave me 20 lingots for I know not what, thank you!

July 4, 2017



Absolutely, providing that lingot philanthropy still remains anonymous. I often find old comments that I think are deserving of lingots, but I doubt the authors ever become aware of such tokens of appreciation many months later. I seem to recall that we used to get similar notifications when receiving lingots for upvotes to immersion articles.
It's about time Duolingo substantially increased the number of notifications from five, however, before adding any further reasons for notifications.


I too like the anonymity. I weave here and there dropping lingots on comments I find insightful and helpful. And, some of the people I give them to aren't my biggest fans and vice versa. I don't want to spoil my appreciation of their comment with them thinking I'm somehow being sarcastic or something.


I think anonymity is valuable. I also wouldn't mind a non-anonymous option. Often, I chose giving a lingot over an explicit thank-you message, particularly in sentence forums where thank-yous largely just clog things up for everybody coming afterward, so I wouldn't mind the poster's knowing who I am.


Minor observation: to avoid notification flood, such a notification would need to collate lingots to the same post over a time period of something like a day.

So if someone were to be given 50 lingots for a post, they wouldn't get 50 notifications, but instead at a suitable point in the day a single notification saying that they received 50 lingots for that post.


I suppose ideally they would aggregate like likes on Facebook posts, such that one only gets one such notification among one's current batch of notifications at any given time, but once checked you could get another one.


It should not be too hard to create for the developer team a 2nd separate discussion / lingot received notification window. I guess that may come with the rewrite of the discussion forums (old code, redirections as of now).

Those existing 5 notifications and and badly-layouted box window are really too small, to handle this.

It get's on my nerves that new (not so important) notifications blend out previously received messages, especially PN (as it was on the old portal, before this functionality was completely removed in the new portal).

I want to add a second wish:

  • A) Increase the width of the notification Increate the notification window, so a single items is not lined to 2-3+ lines.

  • B) Increase the notifcation count from 5 to more (I can barely fit 6 items on my Laptop screen with the current box layout) although there is PLENTY of room on the left side / my laptop monitor screen.

  • C) Make the notifcation list scrollable

  • D) be able to see notifications (like every normal forum software shows receives messages in your inbox - ordered by pages 1, 2,....) including customization how many notifications/messages you want to read on a single page (25, 50, 100, all) in a full window


I have noticed a lingot icon and count next to some posts and comments. Is this not an indication of lingots donated?


Of course one can see that a comment one is looking at has received lingots. But there's no easy way to know that one has received lingots (I hope people aren't using precious mental energy to committing their lingot counts to memory!), much less for which comment they were received.

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