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German Tree is now Complete

It only took me just under a year, and with like 9 days to go, however, I have complete my German Tree this morning. Now, I have work to do turning everything gold. And, believe me, there's a lot that isn't gold. So next, I think I'll be doing Portuguese or Norwegian, probably Portuguese once everything is gold in German.

Bis Zum nächsten Mal!

July 4, 2017



Great! I already know a lot of Portuguese, and German of course I'm not nearly done, as i just started German. The one problem is, I don't have a microphone!




Ausgezeichnet! Sehr gut! :)


Sehr gut! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ich sehe Du lernst auch Spanisch, also versuch doch mal den Deutschkursus für spanischsprechende. Da knistern die Synapsen, viel Glück!


great job, it must have taken you a long time to finish your tree I wish you the best of luck when you start a new language



du bist seir gut


Let me give you a little advice. Continue to learn German. Keep your tree golden and get to level 25 in German. After your tree is golden, go back to the start and start all over again, this will get you to level 25 rather quickly. After you reach level 25 in German, do the reverse tree (German to English). Don't just complete the tree, get to level 25 in English. Then learn your next language, from German. If you're an American, I would suggest Spanish from German.


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