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My two years of Duolingo

About two years ago I returned from my visit to Estonia and Finland and having picked up a few words, I felt like learning more. I remembered someone suggesting a good language learning site and decided to try it. That site was Duolingo.

To my disappointment, there was no Finnish available (or Estonian, for that matter). But since I was already here, I thought I would at least try it out and refresh my German.

I found the discussions full of enthusiastic people who helped me find resources and shared other valuable information as well as encouragement. I started learning Finnish where I could but still returned here for a daily German lesson. I also helped a bit with the English course for Czech speakers, to give back some of the support I had received from other users.

Now, two years and two German tree updates later I still haven't reached my golden owl, but it's getting close. After that, I don't know. I'm not the kind of person who wants to taste all the languages. But Duolingo keeps coming up with various stuff, maybe they will add something that would keep my interest for a little longer.

Let's see.

July 4, 2017



Let's hope Finnish will be added soon then.


That would be the ideal solution.


If you want to learn Finnish, then check this site out. It costs, but you can get a 2-week preview to see if you like it: http://www.worddive.com/en/learn-finnish#courses


Oh wow, I didn't know we started using Duolingo at about the same time. I joined just a month later. Let's hope they give us back Activity (or something similar) so that we can find all our friends in the same place again.


I miss Activity too. A great way to find out what's happening.

(I just defined lurking, didn't I?)


Did you know forum mods get lurking tools, not just the manure cleanup implements? :-)


I suspect they do, just don't know the actual extent.

But without the Activity for everyone, there's less lurking material anyway.


Scaled down version of Activity atm.

[deactivated user]

    Good luck on your future endevours. Hopefully we see new additions from Duolingo.


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Eva! 2 Jahre sind wirklich beeindruckend! :)

    Vielleicht wird ja eines Tages ein Finnisch Kurs hinzugefügt werden oder zumindest ein Ersatz für Activity.... (Because I do miss lurking your activity stream.)


    I'm glad you're taking your time. Finishing a tree, and learning what is on it are not always the same thing. Glad you stuck around to check out another language while waiting. Same here. I arrived in 2013 hoping for Japanese and, well, I'm still here. So, here's to Finish and Estonian. I hope they arrive too! ^_^

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    keep up the good work!!


    hi! what a beautiful avatar you have!


    Thank you. :)

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