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5000 German Words and Other German Courses on Memrise

I know some of you use memrise.com to learn words. Have you seen the course with 5000 most popular German words?


The idea seems great. Does anyone want to join? We can add each other and compete! My profile there: http://www.memrise.com/user/olimo/courses/learning/

March 6, 2013



Another course from the beginning? No, please! :D

After I finish the one on Duo, and finally start going out, I hope I will speak in German with EVERY stranger I meet and force them to become my friends. XD

So I will finally practice a bit more.

Anyway, if you know any function to make everything together on memrise instead of lesson by lesson, I could participate. ;)


Thank you for this! I love it. Danke!!!!


I would love too! I also use Anki, but this may help keep me more honest :-)

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