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Portugal Portuguese

Will Duolingo ever do Portugal Portuguese? I love learning on this platform but i would much rather be learning the European language rather than the south american one. I supplement my studies with other websites but Duolingo is just the best when it comes to grasping the sentence structure and understanding grammar.

Please, please, please make a Portugal Portuguese...


July 4, 2017



If you want to learn EP, use Memrise.com

They have seven official courses which take you from the beginning to B1 level. After completing the first three I can finally understand EP speakers almost as well as BP speakers.


I am currently using memrise as well, so thank you.


Turn off the voice on Duo and say the sentences out loud in a EP accent. It will be good practice and won't undo your work at learning EP. As long as you research the differences between the two dialects of Portuguese you'll be fine.


There's not going to be an European Portuguese course. But you can still use this one. The differences are not that significant and you will understand and be understood in Portugal. You can research about the differences (the most important is "estou comendo" becomes "estou a comer", and we use the 2nd informal personal pronoun "tu" instead of "você"). After a lot of immersion in ptPT it's not that hard to switch to this variety.

Bonus: You will understand well both varieties :)


My family to be is Portuguese from Portugal so I'm sure they wont mind helping me with the differences. Thanks for the help :)


If you want to learn European Portuguese, you're welcome to follow my EP blog: https://theepexperience.wordpress.com (I'm a former Duolingo moderator/course coordinator from Portugal).

Good luck with your studies!


i live in Lisbon and duolingo is helping me a lot. i never had problems understanding things. apparently one of the biggest differences between BP and EP are the reflexive verbs, which are very common in Portugal, and less common in Brazil. Example in Portgual you say "lembro-me", in Brazil "eu me lembro"


would love to switch to Portugal Portuguese too

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