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More bonus skills please!

Dear Duo, Please let us have more bonus skills for the French tree. I've got 300+ lingots to burn and I've already bought both bonus skills. Please consider these suggestions for skills topics:

  • Insults
  • Jokes, puns, plays on words etc.
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Cooking
  • History
  • Military (equipment, ranks, activities etc.)

(Tout le monde - ajoutez vos idées)

July 4, 2017



OUI! Je suis d'accord! I will think about it and come back if I come up with some suggestions to add. Some of those could even be added to the tree. I've finished the tree and I'm only 46% fluent, now I'm hooked on the language and want more, more more!


I think that a Québecois bonus skill would be fun, as there are many unique expressions.

Par example: http://www.je-parle-quebecois.com/lexique/definition/expression-quebecoise.html


Chat lingo and/or slang so we can communicate better with native french speakers, particularly online

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