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  5. Heute war schwer!


Heute war schwer!

Yes, on reaching level 17, I was gasping for air, is this the beginning of the end?

But I cut and pasted a poem to console me:

Der Vogel sitz auf dem Tisch, Ich sehe ihn ab und zu, Was magst du an ihr? Er isst nichts außer Obst, Sollen wir ihm glückwünchen? Er legt die Blume in der Küche, Der Vogel ist unter dem Hut, So, tschuss, lieber Vogel und alles gut.

July 4, 2017



Congrats on reaching level 17! Though, I think this should go in the German forum, not the Duolingo one.


You are so right, in my confused state, I wasn't looking where my comment was heading, thanks for comment, good luck with your studies and best wishes.


Any chance we Italian/English speakers could have this translated? Grazie and I'm glad you are consoled!


The English isn't too bad: The bird is sitting on the table, I see him now and then, what do you like about him? He eats nothing apart from fruit, Shall we wish him 'good luck'? He lays the flower on the table, the bird is under the hat, OK, cheers, dear bird and all the best. The Italian isn't mine ( I so wish!), it was done by Google:

L 'uccello seduto sul tavolo, lo vedo ora e poi, cosa ti piace di lei? Mangia solo frutta, Dobbiamo lui buona fortuna? Egli mette il fiore in cucina, l'uccello è sotto il cappello, Sun cin cin, cari uccelli e ogni bene.

Thank you so much LavethWolf for reading it and pointing out my fressen/essen classic blunder, inexcusable at any level! And the missing umlauts on tschüss


Er frisst nichts außer Obst. Remember to replace essen with fressen when it's an animal that's eating, and don't forget the umlauts on tschüss. Anyways, congratulations on reaching level 17!

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