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  5. "Un trabajo sucio."

"Un trabajo sucio."

Traducción:A dirty work.

July 4, 2017

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Should this not be "a dirty job"? We do not usually say "a work," do we?


Plain "dirty work" would also be ok I think, but, yes, I agree, "a dirty work" is an unfortunate and unidiomatic translation of the Spanish — a common error treating something as countable that isn't in the relevant language.


Yes, you are correct.


Soy anglohablante y "a dirty work" me suena un poco raro- "a dirty job" me suena muy normal.


"A dirty work" idiomatically in English sounds like "a dirty deed" to me, which in Spanish I would imagine to be "una obra sucia".

I think people could say, "a dirty work" referring to their workplace. I think people could and would say, "the work is dirty" referring to dirt/ dust/ ... .


Que mas da poner dirty work que work dirty


Mi duda es porque es primero dirty - work Y esta mas a work dirty


El adjetivo (dirty) casi siempre va antes del sustantivo (job, work). Decimos: dirty work, a dirty job, a tall man, interesting books, clean water, the white house, an Italian poem.


I believe you meant "a dirty job".


Que pereza. Estooooo.

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