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  5. "Ho una griglia elettrica."

"Ho una griglia elettrica."

Translation:I have an electric grill.

March 6, 2013



Now this sentence makes sense, as opposed to the one where I have electric shoes.


I don't know about electric shoes, but electric boots go with a mohair suit. I read that in a magazine.


lol, there are some shoes with tiny flashlights that... flash as you walk them, maybe it meant them :)


That's the only conceivable explanation I could come up with!


True, I read that sentence and thought, "what was duo thinking?".


Duolingo is really into grills


I think they have a deal with George Foreman!


It goes with my electric shoes.....


What does 'electric grill' mean?


That the grill is powered by electricity, probably by plugging into a DC wall outlet or generator. As apposed to a gas grill, which will run on propane or other gasses for combustion.


Its pronounced Georgio Foremano


e il Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine!!!


What's the difference between a grill and a barbecue? I thought it is the same?


Grills cook quickly with direct heat at high temperatures, while barbecues cook slowly using lower, indirect heating. BBQ also relies on smoking the meat for flavor. If you're making burgers in your backyard, you're using a grill, not a bbq.


La mia griglia elettrica è in realtà la mia scarpa elettrica. Decisamente non strano.


" I have an electrical grill"...why is it worng?


Why indeed? As a native english speaker (AE), I would never say 'an electrical grill'.

Things that are powered by electricity are 'electric'. Things that 'have to do with' or 'are associated with' electricity are electrical.

I have an electric heater.

An electrician is coming to work on the electical components of my (electric) heater.


Get a charcoal grill, it tastes better.


Dang it Duo... That owl ain't right.


Can a native Italian speaker answer this question; why, in Google Translate, does this sentence translate as it is here, "Ho una griglia eletricca.", but "My grill is electric." translates as "La mia griglia è elettrico."?

Why does "electric" have two different endings? It is an adjective in both sentences.


You don't need a native Italian speaker for this. Just do not trust any machine translation. Obviously Google does not reflect noun gender for adjectives used alone as predicates. It seems to reflect the gender in past simple tense, but the sad reality is it just reflects the "gender" of era (and the "gender" of è).


  • I have an electric grill. = Ho una griglia elettrica.
  • My grill is an electric grill. = La mia griglia è una griglia elettrica.
  • My grill is electric. = La mia griglia è elettrico. (Wrong!)
  • My grill was electric. = La mia griglia era elettrica.


  • I have an electric fridge. = Ho un frigo elettrico.
  • My fridge is an electric fridge. = Il mio frigo è un frigo elettrico.
  • My fridge is electric. = Il mio frigo è elettrico.
  • My fridge was electric. = Il mio frigo era elettrica. (Wrong!)


"I have an electric grill" ....and many leather bound books, my apartment smells of rich mahogany!

  • or is that just me !?.....


I just could not find anyhow the correct alternativ. There are only two which both are not correct. Or is there a secret way to find the third correct answer?


I can't type in the correct word....because the correct word does not appear


But do you have electric shoes?!

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