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Feature Request: Timed Practice should be optional on Android.

Submitting on behalf of a friend who uses Android and is learning Spanish:

Recently all lessons are always time practice on Android (at least they are in Spanish). This is kind of frustrating, because with non timed practice, when I get a question wrong, I have to do the question again later in the lesson. And I have to keep trying that question until I get it right.

This type of non timed practice is especially helpful on new sections where I'm unfamiliar with the new words. Sometimes I can only get 2 or 3 questions in and then the timer runs out. Which is really frustrating and discouraging.

Sooo I would really appreciate it if timed practice was optional, like it is on desktop.

July 4, 2017



Same here. It automatically changed a few days ago to timed practice. While I can see some benefit to occasionally doing timed practice, I feel when I'm rushing to answer quickly I'm not learning as much as I do through untimed practice. I would like to be able to turn it off.


I'm glad I am not using Duolingo on Android then because even though timed practice is and incredibly valuable tool to sharpen language learning skills it should always be an option and not mandatory. I can handle timed practice in Spanish and about half the time I can handle it in Italian, but I can't handle it in a language like French. I need the time to think the answers out so I can improve to the point where hopefully I will be able to use timed practice for French.


It's probably an AB test. In Russian for English and English for Czech I don't have the timed practise on android. It's actually the other way round - I have ONLY the clasical tests and I can't choose the timed practise.

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