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Should I download these Audio files?

Goðan dagin!,

While searching for material to learn Faroese. Someone recommended this book, along with these audio files to accompany the book.


I've listened to the audio files for quite some time, and they seem relatively safe. But I would like to know if the "download" button located at the bottom of the page containing all the audio files is virus-free? Has anyone else had problems downloading these files?, or are they safe to use?

Túsund takk!

UPDATE : This post was at two up votes before it plummeted into the negative numbers. I wonder what happened? At least I got the help I wanted. Thanks for your help!

July 4, 2017



I have downloaded the pdf file and the audio files, with no problems.

Malwarebytes will protect against viruses on websites plus it also protects against ransomware.

To illustrate how good Malwarebytes is:

About a week or so ago when I was downloading an update for Adobe Flash Player, Emsisoft Internet Security told me that a suspicious program was trying to install itself invisibly and recommended quarantining it, which I did. I continued the download but Malwarebytes blocked the rest of the download and said there was ransomware in it.

After that I searched for information online and a website said that there are or were security holes in Adobe Flash Player that are or were being exploited by those ransomware criminals.


As well, if you run your browser in Sandboxie, if there are any viruses on a website, the viruses would be trapped in the sandbox. Then all you have to do is close the browser, delete the contents of the sandbox and block or quarantine any virus that tries to get into your computer.


If you are concerned, download the file but do not open it until you have scanned it for viruses.

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