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Don't like this new Duolingo French

I don't know whether it's me but the questions seem to be too long for you to type the answer in the time test, and seem to be very picky about dropped accents etc.

July 4, 2017



The timed test has gotten significantly harder. I personally, like the change. It trains me to be more careful and more precise.


Picky about dropped accents? Accents are mandatory in French. They determine the pronunciation, or sometimes the meaning (for instance to tell the difference between 'à' which means 'at/to' and 'a' which means 'has').

I know it must be hard to type the accents when you do not have a French keyboard. But believe me, it is much harder when you learn Turkish and have to type words like 'görüşürüz' and 'yakışıklısın'. I still take timed tests at times in Turkish, and I do not drop any accent or special letter.

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