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  5. "Địa ngục không tồn tại."

"Địa ngục không tồn tại."

Translation:Hell does not exist.

July 5, 2017



Interesting. Paradise is địa đàng


I believe most people would say thiên đàng or thiên đường instead.


Hell in Vietnamese is either: địa ngục (地獄) or âm phủ (陰府).

Heaven or paradise is: thiên đàng/đường (天堂)


địa ngục and thiên đường come from chinese words

Địa=land - under your feet
Thiên=sky - above your head

Opposite directions , I would say "địa đàng" is not good as translated by google trans :(


actually "địa đàng" means paradise on earth that could make us think of the Christian concept of the Garden of Eden.

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"Địa ngục là những người khác" said a famous misanthrope


"l'enfer, c'est les autres" might have been said by a famous misanthrope, but Sartre himself said it has been so often misinterpreted as the relationships we have with others are all poisonous, hellish. however, he actually meant that, if the relationship with someone is spoiled or twisted, that person then couldn't be none other than your hell. they are the ones who make you be conscious of yourself, they judge you, criticize you. whether you want it or not, your self-conscious is more or less affected by how others see you. (very loose translation of a comment from Sartre about Huis clos)

ps. Huis clos is a play written by Jean-Paul Sartre in which three protagonists arrived in hell after their death. they are locked together in a plain room, without any torture devices they've all expected. at first, they are unwilling to share their stories that have brought them there. soon enough their backgrounds get uncovered: infidelity, torture, infanticide, pushing others to commit suicide, etc. they despise each other, but they still need the other ones. they become the others' hell, their own executioners, for eternity.

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