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I've reached 400 streak-days! :)

Der 05.07.2017

Today, I have reached 400 streak-days. I feel glad, because I can still learn German until now.

I suggest you shall never give up on learning and mastering foreign languages or something.

I am currently participating in Goethe-Institut on level B2.1 and doing the reversed German skill-tree because I have finished my German skill-tree.

Progress report:

  • Total number of images saved as notes: approx. 400
  • Total number of documents saved as notes: 32
  • Fluency rate: 59%
  • Lingots: 1324
  • Duolingo user since: 2014-10-09
  • Learn German from: 6 May 2016

  1. TinyCards
  2. Memrise
  3. Clozemaster
  4. DW Top-Thema
  5. yourdailygerman
  6. My German course books from Goethe Insitut
  7. Andere Bücher und Romane in der Bibliothek lesen
  8. Lesen, Hören und Schreiben mit den Medien üben, die ich aus der Bibliothek ausleihe
  9. Radio hören
  10. Dokumentarfilme anschauen und Nachrichten lesen.

Meine beliebten geposteten Diskussionen (Hw.: Die sind im Englischen):

Ich denke, das ist schon alles. Ich habe nichts mehr, von etwas zu erzählen. Vielen Dank und bis dann ! :)

Viele Grüße,


Dschäson Putra

H.w. : I used Google Translate to translate all the German words to English because I really have no time now. Though not all of them are not translated to English yet

Diesen Link hier zur deutschen Version dieser Diskussion klicken

July 5, 2017



That's a very good work. It needs time, willingness, and patience. Keep on studying!


Having a big streak makes you feel like you're part a special VIP Duolingo club.

Welcome to the club.


Congratulations! That's over a year of dedication! (But you knew that). I sometimes drop the german course and then restart it or the reverse tree as ways to refresh my duolingo vocab.


I'm going through my Norwegian tree again lesson by lesson. It's an amazing feeling going through the first couple of sections without any problems!


You are GOD! 1227 Streak is very difficult to get. It means approx 4 years. It's Insane!


Congratulations :)


Congratulations on reaching 400 days and sharing some of your strategies. :)


You have got the best profile I have ever seen in Duolingo. GOD! Even you have More than a thousand day streak!


Excellent accomplishment!! Your diligence has paid you great returns. Keep up the good work.


Wunderschön! Wir alle wissen, wie schwer es sein kann, einen Streak zu beginnen, und natürlich auch zu behalten. Also wünsche ich dir viel mehr Spaß und Erfolg beim Deutsch Lernen!

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