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Which Spanish Dialect Do You Like The Best?

Spanish from.. Spain? Mexico? Argentina?

And why? You can also vote here: https://goo.gl/UYQrN8

July 5, 2017



I'm from Perú, so that means I love my Spanish Dialect.


Besides Peruvian Spanish?


Maybe Venezuelan and Mexican Spanish.


Cool. I'd tell you mine but I only know Mexican vs Spain Spanish so I can't fairly judge. Of the two it's Mexican though.

Someone said I sounded Venezuelan when I speak Spanish although they were probably just being nice. You know how some people can be very nice when a foreigner speaks Spanish.


At this point, Argentinian. Going to the effort of pronouncing all those complicated conjugations when it could be a nice, convenient querés, sos...


Same to me. As I am dancing Argentine Tango, I am used to the pronunciation of the Argentines, and I like it very much, especially their pronunciation of 'll' and 'y' sounds cool for me :-)


I'm Mexican, and I love Spanish from Spain. Why? It sounds romantic/sweet to me idk haha :)


I'm American but I think English from England/UK sounds romantic and sweet haha


Spanish from Andalucia....very interesting accent :)


Cuban of course!


The Castillian dialect sounds the best. Argentine comes in second.

Mexican Spanish is dead last, especially from San Luis Potosí. Listening to Potosinos for me is like listening to a static-y radio.

Wait, Cuban is worst, not because of the quality of the dialect but because of the speed at which it is generally spoken. I don't even understand English when it is spoken that fast. As I have told Cubans before, esto es Tejas, no tienen que hablar inglés pero sí tienen que hablar más despacio.


I would like to learn English from England not American. Where can I learn it?

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