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  5. "Ich arbeite bei Duolingo."

"Ich arbeite bei Duolingo."

Translation:I work at Duolingo.

July 5, 2017


[deactivated user]

    If the German sentence means that Duolingo is my employer (and not, as someone suggested, "I am working at the Duolingo course") would "I work for Duolingo" be accepted?


    Yes, "I work for Duolingo" is also a good translation and is also one of the accepted translations.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks! It certainly sounds a lot more natural. In English, we would say, "I work at a language centre", but when, as here, the employer is named, we more usually say "work for". Thanks again.


      "I work for Duolingo" is not accepted, even though this is how a native speaker would say it. August 22, 2020


      I work with Duolingo. Is it inappropriate


      I don't know why people marked you down for this.

      "I work with Duolingo" suggests that Duolingo is a person that you work with. In this case Duolingo is a place to work, so I would write "I work at Duolingo" instead.

      I realize that this is a year late, so you might have figured this out on your own :)


      "I work with Duolingo" is not an accepted answer is why. I don't quite understand why myself yet, but I'm commenting so people don't get led astray.


      I think this is something that varies by region and by industry. "I am with WidgetCo" is normal, and in some places they can swap in "work" for "am". But I guess DuoLingo is particularly strict here.

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