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"Tuesday is a day of the week."

Translation:Marți este o zi a săptămânii.

July 5, 2017



Could please someone explain what is the role of 'a' in this sentence.


It corresponds to "of" in the English sentence. There is a detailed explanation here.


it said "Marți e o zi din săptămână" for the multiple choice options, so 'din' can be used instead of 'a' ?


Ok, so there's a lot to unpack here.

"De" doesn't count here because "de" is usually used as "consists (entirely) of": un pahar de lapte (a glass of milk).

What we actually want to say is "day of the week" in terms of "day belonging to the week". To do this, we us a posessive pronoun: "a" (fem. sing. posessive article followed by the noun owning that item.

In our case, that would be "a săptămâna"

But it's made a bit more complicated... The noun appears in its dative form, i.e. it's not the object of the sentence: "Tuesday" is. So we use the definite genitive form of "week": săptămânii

At least this is how I understand it. Noun cases are quite confusing even at the best of times, and are covered in future lessons.

I'll try and explain "din săptămână" in a separate comment.


Why "o zi de saptamana" was not correct?


This form (zi de...) is used when you have to accurately indicate a certain time interval (a season, or a month), such as "Era o frumoasă zi de iarnă" or "Ne-am văzut într-o zi de aprilie". You will never hear "Marți e o zi de săptămână (de lună, de an)" because this sentence says nothing.


What about "din" instead "a" and why this change word for week form from "sàptàmànà" in first case to "sàptàmànii " in second?


It changed to săptămânii due to the noun being used in a possessive sense. So, the possessive situation puts us in the genitive case. Therefore, the genitive form of the noun is required. Here, we are saying the "day of the week" or the "week's day." The week sort of possesses or "owns" the day. "Din" would be used if the day were coming out of a container or something like that (ok, obviously an oversimplification). We are not saying the "day FROM the week" but rather "the day OF the week."


Isn't zi and ziuă the same. Ziuă isn't accepted as a possible response.


”ziuă” is a word with a low usage rate, being cited by some dictionaries as being archaic. I added it because I heard it very often in my childhood... Thank you!


Why cant you say ziua?


Now you can use ziuă in this sentence :)

Ziua is the articulated form for this word and for zi also.

An example: Marți este ziua mea=Tuesday is my birthday


Wy marți in lower case is not correct?


DL is not case sensitive. So must be another mistake in your response.

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