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rot rote roter rotes

I only know how to user 'rot' like adjective. The others depend on gender, but I still get confused how to use them. I have been searching in Google as well, still cannot answer my question. Can anyone please explain? Like, Die Jacke ist rot, Die rote Jacke? why? Thank you in advance!

July 5, 2017



German adjective endings are not so easy.

Look up here: https://www.lsa.umich.edu/german/hmr/Grammatik/Adjektive/Adjektivendungen.html



for Die Jacke ist rot: when the adjective is after the noun, you don't have to use all those crazy declensions, the adjective stays in the original form.


Maybe someone else can give you a more technical answer but the adjective endings don't change after 'sein' (to be) but where you have 'der' 'die' 'das' 'ein' ' eine' etc.the adjective has to agree with the noun


This is because "sein" is what is called a copulative verb. In case-based languages such as German or Latin when you use a copulative the object or attribute is considered to be in the nominative case (same as the subject).

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