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I got placed in a B1.1 course! Thank you Duolingo :)

Hi guys, just wanted to share that I was recently placed in a B1.1 course in a language school in Germany where I will be attending for two months. They put me on B1.1 after a comprehensive online test and a lengthy phone call. I couldn't have done this without Duolingo :)

I fell in love with Germany after visiting it last year for two weeks and have made it my goal to study German to qualify for University over there.

I only started last year with Duolingo as my primary resource, with a bit of Memrise, and the DW Interactive Course (Which I only finished till A1.1 :p), along with some YouTube videos every now and then.

I'm so looking forward to the class and thanks Duo!

July 5, 2017



Gut gemacht! Have a great time in Germany


Wow that's nice.. Good luck :)


Congratulations and good luck for your course! In which city are you staying, if I may ask?


I will be staying in the great city of Hamburg, I was there last year and I loved it, the city is so much alive with the people and culture!


Great choice, Hamburg is such a lovely place. I wish I lived there :)


dude, gut gemacht!! did you watch any cartoons for support you to learn german?


A little bit. What immensely helped me was the Easy German channel on YouTube. It truly helped my speaking skills because they show you simple real life conversations, unlike Duo's robotic sentences that don't even make sense half the time. (Sorry Duo, but its true!)


I love Easy German! I also love the Authentic German Learning channel. He's great! Very enthusiastic.


Glückwünsche! Das ist sehr gut:-) It took me 240 days to finish my German tree but Esperanto only took me about 45 days to finish Tree 1.0...


I think German is one of the longest Trees on Duo? It took me about a year, more or less, to finish mine.

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations :) That's a great achievement


    Congratulations!!!!! :)


    Awesome! Congratulations and good luck to you!


    Das ist ja wunderbar! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, alles Gute und weiterhin viel Freude beim Lernen! :-)


    What is the DW Interactive Course?


    It's an online German course by Deutsche Welle, it covers A1 to B1, speaking, writing, and reading.


    Thanks! I saw there is a level placement test too, but I can't get it to work. I can't get B1 or B2 to even open. A1 and A2 open but only allow you to answer 1 or 2 questions and then stop. Here's the link. Does it work for you?



    Do you have Flash installed?


    Yes. You can open all levels?


    For the placement tests, no. I get an Error 500 on the B1 and B2 placement tests. I can start the A level tests, but run into the Error 500 again. This looks like a DW site problem. You could try contacting them at info@dw.com


    Thanks for checking that for me. Now I know it's not a problem with my computer. I was going to try the library computers. I've sent an email to DW.com


    That's awesome. I hope I can do the same. Good luck!

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