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Journey to Korean Fluency

To the admins: feel free to delete this post if inappropriate to promote personal content here.

I have started my blog two days ago to get myself some social pressure to help me get fluent in Korean within two years time.


Feel free to have a look if you're interested about my strategy to reach this goal and subscribe with your email address on the blog if you'd like to get updates along my journey.

Comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

I hope that it may be of interest for language learners beyond the Korean language.


EDIT: If you want to join in this challenge with your own language, I'll be happy to set up some shared platform to do this.

July 5, 2017



Good luck on your journey! Are you looking forward to the duolingo Korean course, or are you already on a higher level? (I don't really know what which TOPIK level means)


Yep, looking a bit forward to it. Probably on a bit higher level already, as i managed to get through the reverse tree before... How about you?


Currently my Korean only consists of a few words. I am looking forward to the new course, because I am interested in both the language and the writing system (and some naver webtoons^^). If you were able to do the reverse tree, I would assume that the new tree will be nice repetition for you. Good luck! (Buena suerte, Viel Erfolg!)


Thank you, good luck to you too.

If you want to get a headstart before the Korean course actually comes out, you can start learning the language system using some of the courses on Memrise.

Other than that, I compiled a list of several resources for learning Korean. https://community.memrise.com/t/non-exhaustive-list-for-learning-korean/324


Thanks for the list! I am a bit short on time this month so I won't get started right away, but I will check them out later


You're very welcome. And you seem very busy indeed, seeing the amount of learning you're doing there. Good job, talk later.


So, how are you enjoying the Korean course so far?


In the beginning I went a bit too fast (before the tips and notes went beyond the first checkpoint.) So I decided to slow down a bit, and restart when I have a bit more time.

My feeling as compared to other Duo courses is that the Korean course adds too much new vocabulary per lesson. So I had the problem that the words wouldn't stick in my mind as well as they do in other languages.

As a more advanced learner, do you like the course?


I do like the course a lot. Went through it pretty fast (after testing about 60 pct into the tree) and have been doing a review lesson every day since. As an advanced learner I think it is pretty good. From what I gather from beginner learners, it's a bit steep indeed. Especially the alphabet skills.

Hope you'll stick with it :)

Feel free to ask if you need any advice or opinion on alternative learning tools.

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