Aw, Snap! Been seeing a lot of 404s, and more (or less depending on perspective) with Discussions

Been seeing these a lot with sentence discussions:

But there seems little rhyme nor reason.

And these too:

I like that the discussions have been separated from the exercises so I can open all discussions to read after I finish a lesson, but...

The discussions are slow and sometimes hang up the rest of the computer.

And, sometimes they do not appear at all and I do not notice because it takes so long to load them that I am three exercises down a lesson and at that point can no longer remember what that sentence was to look up later.

Before when pressed for time I would copy the exercise sentence into an email draft so I could look it up later. But on the "new site" version the sentences do not copy/paste from the lesson well. More like this:


Which, besides being ugly causes annoying extra steps in looking up the discussion later. So that is no longer as viable for a workaround.

Anyway, I accidentally closed a window that had several sentences open in tabs after a lesson and when I reopened the window about a third of them returned 404 which is odd as they were fine before (and if I could remember them to look up, they show fine again from search).

This is useless as I cannot remember the specific sentences to re-look up, and the URL for the 404 strips out all identity of the sentence including via the back-button.

However, I did look up one 404 that I tracked as it was happening (Suas meias são roxas) and from search it starts out with the correct link:

...goes to this:

... then becomes the useless, un-trackable 404.

So this particular sentence discussion is not available via search either.

And searching history does not help either as this is what most of the discussions look like:

Discussions are hugely important to understanding (not just learning) a language. So, they are an important part of this site. But they are also turning my computer into a slug. :(

Thank you for hearing me out here. :)


**Edit: Now also "about:blank" pages that then totally disappear – like the exercise discussions that have no comments (which is fixed according to the new site page at bottom) – even when there are 10 comments (according to the discussion button).

I hope these get fixed soon so we can use the entire site. It is stressful (though perhaps more so for those trying to fix it...).

July 5, 2017


I don't necessarily think this is related to the new website. There were plenty of such 404 problems before it, too. For much of the past three or four months, I have been unable to open the official course request thread, for example. If anything, that's actually gotten better since I got the new site.

I think copying the sentences to translate brought the same difficulty on the old website as well. I'd recommend copying any sentences you need from the review panel at the end of a lesson.

July 5, 2017

I do think it is related in that the core of the site, the exercises are on the new site but the discussions are still on the old site, as related on these pages by the admins (even Luis):

What’s Next?

A faster website, to begin with. We are also investing in rewriting the Duolingo Forum. This will not only make it faster, but also enable features that surface higher quality content and discourage pesky spam. In addition, we plan to incorporate better tools to communicate with other learners. We understand that social connections are essential, and we plan to expand social features and capabilities as soon as possible. [emphasis added]

When I go to the Words or Discussion tab, the site behaves differently. Why?

The Discussion and Words tabs are still under the old website, so you'll notice things like notifications opening in a popup instead of in the middle of your screen. Since the Forum is still quite slow, we are now focusing our attention on rewriting the Forum as well! [emphasis added]

They are rewriting a live site which almost always causes glitches. But even if not, then it does not matter how long glitches have been happening in that if they are still happening then perhaps they need to be reported so those with the ability to do something about the glitches are aware.

It has been my experience though that the glitches have increased in the last couple weeks. To the point that it is not worth the time, hassle, stress, and heartache to try and access the discussions for the exercises.

But, copying the sentence from the review panel if you mean what I input is no good if I was not correct or if there are several answers which I will not know that I chose a marginal yet still technically accepted one. If you mean the one at the bottom near the report and discussion buttons, that is only displayed if I make an error, and another glitch on Duolingo is that it does not always give the correct answer either, such as for bathroom in Portuguese; though Duo claims to accept the European versions of words, when I put, "Casa de Banho" it corrects me to "Quarto de Banho" instead of Banheiro. If I look up either of the first two I will not find the exercise discussion. However, more than all that, it's just cumbersome to have to do workarounds like this.

Further, a week or so ago, despite pointedly searching from the Portuguese discussion topic, the site was returning discussions from the entire site so I found myself clicking in on French, and Russian for example rather than Portuguese (besides having a lot more to wade through).

And no, the stacked sentences (from copy/paste) were not my experience either until the last couple weeks (but those are now on the new website in the split, coupled with the exercises, and we were transitioned to the new site in bunches over several weeks – I was in the last group... and that is why discussions now open in a new tab is that they are still on the old site). I know this as I copied a lot of them into a draft email for later lookup when I did not have time to read, because it turns out, when we follow a discussion and go to our discussion list, it shows us not the most recently followed, but in order of when they were started which could be 4+ years ago for many of the exercise discussions so really hard to find (scroll, scroll, scroll...) and sort through.

July 6, 2017

When you finish a lesson or review session, there is an option to review all the sentences that appeared in that lesson (it displays what you were asked to translate and shows whether you got them right or wrong). If you want to copy sentences in order to google for the discussion, it seems that the sentences there copy straightforwardly.

July 6, 2017

Oh NICE! Well done! :) :)

I was just looking at one last night. And it is nifty (though it does require clicking on the squares to get both of the answers).

It really is a handy feature, but to be honest I did not even notice it until a few weeks ago, and had completely forgotten about it until last night, but did not make the connection of how useful it can be as you just illustrated.

Thank you! :)

July 6, 2017

Probably people were posting inappropriate stuff and they found it useless.

In the discussion stream, a lot of the spam and stuff goes to 404 because it's deleted for being nonsense.

July 5, 2017

Hmm.. yeah, I think this is more site related than spam related. It's not been a problem like this till the site divided and now it's been one issue after another with the discussions (I constantly have to restart my computer to get speed back, or even just function which is most likely not spam related). Plus I have never seen so many discussions disappear (all the ones I have bookmarked are still there). It also does not address discussions that are loaded up and then just, "Poof!" they disappear in an, "Aw, Snap!" as I posted above.

Though it is true that there is no way to report spam comments...

So it would totally be a shame if they dump 4+ years of knowledge over just one inappropriate comment.

Anyway, the discussions as they currently have been, are more problematic than helpful and I shall have to give them up altogether and seek language clarification on other sites I am afraid.

July 5, 2017
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