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These things actually work!

I just recently finished my French tree and I have been looking for ways to advance my French so I got advice from some helpful people on duolingo, they said I should try listening to French audio, having conversation with other French speakers, immersing myself, reading in French, and learning English on duolingo as a French speaker. So far I have tried 4 of those methods and I have to say they have made a drastic difference in my French. For example, I have started reading and listening to French books on the 'The French Experiment' and I am very happy with my progress. Before, I couldn't fully comprehend the stories on there when I read and it was even harder when I listened but I made sure I practiced reading and listening to the same stories 2 times a day and today, I understand 97% of everything. I also started writing. I got a book and called it my book of French. In it, I write new words I learn and I use them in sentences and I also write passages or anything. It could be a short story, an introduction , anything. But it has really helped. So the reason I'm saying this is because all these things really help so you guys should try it.

July 5, 2017



Well done! You look like a highly motivated person who does what it takes to make it happen!

You may also label your book with "mon livre de français". :-)


Yeah.....great idea! Thanks! And thanks for the compliment!


hey, do you think i would be a good morderator?


Thanks for the ideas! I'm only at level eleven and approx 22% fluencey, but i will try those, especially the Book of French. what i would recommend if you haven't started listening to it, is RFI Savoirs. Radio France Internationale , they have podcasts, articles and other stuff about news.


Wow I will definitely look it up thanks!


It is interesting how this site measures our fluency. You said you are at level 11 and 22% fluent. I am at level 7 and 22% fluent.


Great stuff! I'm still trying to learn French in between work and family life, but I've just reached 49% fluency! I am ok at reading French through the help of Duolingo, but I want to be able to listen to and speak French more fluently than I currently can...I will be sure to take on your advice.

Keep up the good work!


Bravo! Merci de partager ces idées. J'ai viens de regarder le site Web 'French Experiment' - c'était le premier fois que j'ai entendu parler ça. Moi, aussi j'appreciée beaucoup de lire des choses faciles comme histories d'enfants. Je commencer de lire des romans en français mais c'est toujours plus comme travail que pour plaisir. Je dois commence d'ecrire des choses aussi mais j'ai pas de prof, ni le temps d'en trouver un. Vous voyez - je fais beaucoup d'erreurs, donc j'ai besoin continuer d'apprendre le français. Courage à vous!


Félicitations Petit ragondin, certes, il y a quelques erreurs dans votre texte mais c'est parfaitement compréhensible pour un Français. Bravo :)


Good advice! Hope to start some new languages just like you.

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