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Someone of here listen music heavy metal?

to practice, it can speak about music heavy metal, good energy.

July 5, 2017

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yeah... Well I hear for example Megadeth is not exactly heavy is more like thrash however their last album Dystopia is an excellent example of thrash, mmm it is not heavy but I love symphony X and Dream Theater of course they are proggresive or for example a mexican band called glass mind.

Mmmm in gothic I love to hear Nightwish (With Tarja and Floor not Anette ), or symphonic metal for example Simone Simons in Epica.

Well there are a lot of bands how about u?


Hey! I like Megadeth and Nightwish too. Lately I'm listening "Endless forms most Beautiful" :)


Greetings arthur_left


excellent friend dragondlarge and greetings.

yes, there are a lot bands. i like more folk metal, death metal, black metal, and heavy metal, i like bands of folk metal how ensiferum, kalevala, svartsot among others bands, of death metal, vomitory,grave,dismember, sabiendas, the old school. of black metal endstille, luciferian,belphegor, satanic warmaster, fortid. of heavy metal, iron maiden, accept pegazus, terabestoni.

And good to see people around here who likes the heavy metal.


this genre is a complete Universe!!!! xD


So is my friend. No do you like the death metal? or annihilator the first albums, tecnical,speed thrash metal. the album never neverland excellent. good, i think that band was good until the refresh the demon of the year 1996, after there was much change. but recommended.

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