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Tagging someone in a discussion!

What about inserting the Tag option into this course.

For example to tag or mention a partner or a friend's name in a discussion you want him or her to help you there ! As Duo. deleted the activity page for each profile .

Just an Idea ! What do you think guys?

July 5, 2017



I think it would lead to a lot of using the tag option to harass people... The way it is now, people who have time to help others look for questions in the forums and the sentence discussions. When they don't have time/energy, they leave those be.


why not being able to enable or disable taging if they dont like it they can disable it


I was thinking the same thing. All of internet trolls could abuse the feature.


Well, Duolingo has indicated they are not a social media company, but if they were to implement that, they should also give users the option to turn tagging off because not everyone likes being tagged in discussions. I think one reason the activity stream was removed is because a lot users engaged in mindless chatter with their followers instead of using it to practice their foreign language skills.


Yes I agree!Thanks. The useless posts could be in any discussion anyway and bother the members in the class as we always see when we do our lessons! The whole Idea is about the language support matter by natives or teachers! Not about useless chit chat. Just Q and A.


YES!! I have wanted that feature for a while!!

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