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Free books in Swedish - Where can I find

Hello guys,

Does anybody know where I can find free pdf books in Swedish?

July 5, 2017



This first link have some great old Swedish Classics, some of our most famous authors. I would strongly suggest Karin Boyes Kallocain, a dystopic novel from 1940. http://laddaner.idg.se/2.38676/1.661196/svenska-e-bok-gratis

Here is a link with both English and Swedish Novels: http://www.las-en-bok.com/ For anyone who loves the movie Avatar (just like me), I'd suggest the novel "Jungfrulig Planet" by Bertil Mårtensson. It's almost scary how alike the novel and the movie is. Highly suggest it. Bertil Mårtensson is supposed to be one of our biggest sci-fi and fantasy authors.

Some information about Bertil Mårtensson here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertil_M%C3%A5rtensson

I can also attest to that there are some free novels on apple iBooks, i found Kallocoin for free there. Search for "Litteraturbanken" on iBooks and you'll find about 30 free ebooks. Seems to be about the same books as from the first link i provided. I expect these exist on google play books too.

Hope this helps. :)


Do the classic books tend to have some older words/grammar/sentence constructions which are not commonly used nowadays?


There is a slight difference yes, the further back you go. I'd say Kallocain from 1940 should not be much different from the Swedish we use today. It's basically the same difference as English during the forties and the English of today.


Tx for posting this! I was just looking at how I can do some Swedish reading online!


Tack så mycket. Detta är jättebra!


Any beginner books?


https://nyborjarsvenska.se/ljud/ get this textbook And read along online

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