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Timed practice on Android is gone

I personally hope it is just a bug but Duolingo could offer timed practice as an option.

Did you suddenly lose it too? (I didn't install an update) I was completing a skill and then wanted to do the timed practice again but the former practice without time appeared. Restarting the app several times and changing the language did not bring it back.

July 5, 2017



I've got the option of a 60 second timed practice as a "Wednesday Challenge" or normal practice. I wonder if there will be a "Thursday Challenge" as well. It is hard to know whether these challenges will also strengthen skills. I did my practice this morning so my trees are gold. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if it makes a difference to the skills. I don't really like timed practice, but I know lots of people do. This way everyone is happy. It's always good to have a choice.


I am very happy to say that the Strengthening exercise button has return on my version as well. :) A move in the right direction!


Unfortunately, mine is still there...


I am also very disappointed. I've been doing spanish for a little over a year and the timed was a GREAT addition. Why not keep both Duolingo? Somedays I would rather do timed than the old way.

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