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100 new lingots out of the blue

I am sorry to post something unrelated to grammar or linguistic topics. I suddenly found 100 new lingots in my vault. I don't know whether this is a DL's error or a generous donation from an unknown benefactor. If this is an error DL might want to know that something is not working properly in the system. But if this is really a contribution from a fellow DL user I would really like to thank him/her for this abundant gift.

March 24, 2014



This shouldn't be bad or anything. Either you have a secret admirer (Lol xD) or you're an immersion freak!


I just got 70 lingots for translations I did weeks ago. I don't know but I'm guessing it's because someone upvoted them - is that right?


I had a quick look at your stream and found that someone gave you the lingots in this discussion:


It was what I suspected, because when I get lingots for translation (I got 4 so far, lol ;) I get an additional notification.


Thank you! So, at last it seems I do have an admirer. Have a couple of lingots for solving the mystery.


Did you translate something recently? Sometimes I've gotten 100 lingots for translating things.


maybe you should move this to troubleshooting? (just edit the original post and pick troubleshooting from the dropdown menu).

I have been getting 20-30 lingots sometimes for translating, it could be that for you too. Maybe someone "official" could figure it out if posted in the troubleshooting forum, where they are more likely to see it.


It doesn't sound out of the ordinary to me - if people are checking through articles and if you have uploaded articles which will attract lingots, you can very easily acquire 100 and more overnight. I've had 20 for one article in the past hour.


Ok. So, there is quite an agreement on what happened. I didn't know I could get that number of lingots for uploading articles or upvoting. Thanks to everybody for your comments and for sheding light on this.


wow. you're cinqi-lingual assuming tu parle anglais. Congrats! that is cool beyond words! : ) If you love babies, donate lingots!


I don't have a cold heart. Have a lingot.

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